Implementing the Right Therapy at the Right Time

Leading a new path in healthcare innovation, MET-TEST offers a higher level of diagnostic insight to improve management of cardiac and pulmonary diseases. With increasing pressure on the healthcare system to improve outcomes and contain costs, MET-TEST builds upon well established physiological principles to enable healthcare providers and organizations to achieve a new level of patient management for:

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    Preventive Cardiology:

    early heart disease detection & tracking

    The role of stress testing in managing patients with heart disease is helpful. At least 25% of coronary patients have sudden death or non-fatal myocardial infarction without prior symptoms. Read more...

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    Exercise Intolerance Evaluation:

    unexplained chest pain and shortness of breath

    MET-TEST offers an industry first standardized functional capacity assessment with precise serial comparison capabilities to accurately track the status of heart, lung and muscle health over time. Read more...

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    Preoperative Risk Assessment and Management

    The purpose of preoperative evaluation for cardiac risk is to answer the question "Can this patient safely undergo major non-cardiac surgery?" Preoperative risk is a function of the balance between the patient's heart's ability to pump blood Read more...

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    Clinical Research

    The MET-TEST CPET network is capable of functioning as a platform to carry out clinical trials for pharmaceutical and medical device companies looking to collect efficacy data for treatment of ischemic Read more...

About Us

MET-TEST, the only stress test of true functional capacity, opens access to a science and technology which is well recognized by the medical community. Whether you’re a primary care physician, multi-specialty clinic, cardiology practice, self contained healthcare organization, patient, business owner, insurer, government entity, pharmaceutical or medical device company, MET-TEST can fit your needs. Because MET-TEST is a physiological study with serial comparison capabilities and not a static view, its utilization enhances diagnostics, early disease detection and chronic disease management well beyond the capabilities of imaging alone. The first test provides a baseline and creates a health status tracking mechanism which can be continually referred to by both patient and physician, regardless of location.

In implementing MET-TEST, organizations are implementing not a test but our processes, expertise and patient-specific management algorithms which have developed over years of working closely with cardiologists and primary care physicians in assessing the most difficult patients with exercise intolerance. The MET-TEST solution is a high precision stress test with detailed physiological assessment that represents the next generation in exercise testing. Gone are the days where the barriers of accurate data collection and interpretation led to underutilization of this powerful tool. Gone also is the old style treadmill, replaced with a state of the art bicycle that safely allows patients to exercise to their capacity with dynamic assessment of heart and lung function. Compared to other stress tests, MET-TEST offers superior diagnostic performance without the use of radiation. With the support of the entire MET-TEST organization, patient reporting and tracking integrates seamlessly into electronic medical records at the customer site. From our certified technicians that administer the test, to our Operations Center technical support team, to our physician consultants; our partners enjoy a level of support not found anywhere else. When you choose MET-TEST, you have chosen the best in new innovative thinking in healthcare.

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"Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPX) is a relatively old technology, but has sustained relevance for many primary care clinical scenarios in which it is, ironically, rarely considered. Advancing computer technology has made CPX easier to administer and interpret at a time when our aging population is more prone to comorbidities and higher prevalence of non specific symptoms of exercise intolerance and dyspnea, for which CPX is particularly useful diagnostically and prognostically. These discrepancies in application are compounded by patterns in which CPX is often administered and interpreted by cardiology, pulmonary, or exercise specialists who limit their assessments to the priorities of their own discipline, thereby missing opportunities to distinguish symptom origins. When used properly, CPX enables the physician to assess fitness and uncover cardiopulmonary issues at earlier phases of work-up, which would therefore be especially useful for primary care physicians."
© Postgraduate Medicine, Volume 122, Issue 6, November 2010, ISSn-0032-5481, e-ISSn-1941-9260

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Physician Testimonials

  • “Your presentation to my graduate-level nurse practitioner class on July 15, "Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing" was thorough and informative. Many of my students were unaware of the existence and merit of CPET. Your lecture was a valuable learning experience for them, and I received many positive comments afterwards from those students.”

    Susan Alexander, DNP, RN

  • “For what it's worth, my experience has been 100% positive. When you first look at the reports it appears overwhelming (at least to me), but like most things, once you learn about it, it's very easy.”

    Jeffery V. Curtis, D.O., CEO

  • “Thank you again for the opportunity to meet with key members of your group and see first-hand the amazing work you have been doing for the last 7 years! I share your passion for the technology and vision for its revolutionary role in the diagnosis and management of CV disease.”

    Binoy Singh MD - Columbia University Medical Center

  • “Just to give you my unsolicited opinion, I hadn't done CPET since fellowship. It has certainly come a long way and the technology now is computerized and much more compact, easily fitting into one of our exam rooms. In fact, we installed the equipment into the exam room that we were using for our Coumadin clinic.

    North Shore Cardiology - Chicago

Patient Testimonials