Implementing the Right Therapy at the Right Time

Leading a new path in healthcare innovation, MET-TEST offers a higher level of diagnostic insight to improve management of cardiac and pulmonary diseases. With increasing pressure on the healthcare system to improve outcomes and contain costs, MET-TEST builds upon well established physiological principles to enable healthcare providers and organizations to achieve a new level of patient management.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) runs a full spectrum from normal cardiovascular function to mild, moderate and severe heart disease with or without symptoms in at-risk individuals. The MET-TEST chronic disease management program helps clinicians improve clinical care of patients in two ways:


  Precise Cardiovascular (CV) Risk Stratification: Atherosclerosis is a chronic inflammatory process that cause endothelial dysfunction followed by microvascular damage and is sometimes followed by the development of obstructive coronary artery disease resulting in left ventricular (LV) remodeling over time. This slow remodeling process causes cardiac dysfunction during exercise and reduces peak cardiac function (peak VO2) with disease progression. Poor functional capacity (low peak VO2) and inducible ischemia during exercise are well recognized as two main determinants of CV events and mortality. Our CPET program accurately provides individualized risk-stratification regardless of symptoms based on these two parameters which are in turn used to guide intensity of lifestyle, medical and surgical interventions. Serial testing provides an accurate measure of disease progression or regression, thus enabling patients to enhance and monitor their CV health over time. No other type of data provides clinicians and patients with this degree of precision and insight to improve long-term outcomes and reduce long-term healthcare costs.


  Unexplained Exercise Intolerance: Patients often present with shortness of breath, chest pain and fatigue where routine cardiac and pulmonary testing does not reveal a clear etiology. MET-TEST is able to diagnose three invisible disease states that are quite common in society but not readily detected by resting and imaging studies. These disease states include physiologically significant micro-vascular ischemia, diastolic dysfunction and pulmonary circulation abnormalities during exertion. MET-TEST works with providers to properly evaluate and treat such patients and prove response to therapy with improvement in symptoms and increase in exercise capacity on a case by case basis.

How do I use cardioplulmonary exercise testing to improve management of patients with exercise intolerance?

    This 40 minute video was developed by the Ascension Health System to educate primary care doctors about the role of cardiopulmonary exercise testing to help diagnose conditions missed by routine testing. The first 8 minutes provide an introduction to the testing modality and is followed by a 20 minute didactic session and 4 case studies.


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    Preventive Cardiology:

    early heart disease detection & tracking

    The role of stress testing in managing patients with heart disease is helpful. At least 25% of coronary patients have sudden death or non-fatal myocardial infarction without prior symptoms. Read more...

  • 2

    Exercise Intolerance Evaluation:

    unexplained chest pain and shortness of breath

    MET-TEST offers an industry first standardized functional capacity assessment with precise serial comparison capabilities to accurately track the status of heart, lung and muscle health over time. Read more...

  • 3

    Preoperative Risk Assessment and Management

    The purpose of preoperative evaluation for cardiac risk is to answer the question "Can this patient safely undergo major non-cardiac surgery?" Preoperative risk is a function of the balance between the patient's heart's ability to pump blood Read more...

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    Clinical Research

    The MET-TEST CPET network is capable of functioning as a platform to carry out clinical trials for pharmaceutical and medical device companies looking to collect efficacy data for treatment of ischemic Read more...

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