About Us

Our Mission

MET-test will set the new standard for diagnostic effectiveness that will operationally transform how our physician partners and their referral partners accomplish their work.

Our Vision

Deliver a national level of service to more accurately identify the abnormalities resulting from the various forms of cardiac, pulmonary and metabolic disorders while providing a highly customized patient outcome.



Since inception in 2003, MET-TEST has been providing pulmonary function testing (PFT) and cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) as a standard and centralized service to community based clinics. We have performed well over 65,000 tests and studies in the last 7 years and in the process have accumulated study results and expertise that we routinely share with partners. We work very closely with Dr. Wasserman at Harbor-UCLA, which is nationally recognized as the number one exercise physiology lab in the world. We currently provide services to 53 clinics in nine states as well as participating in Clinical Trials with a Pharma partner. Our expansion plans not only include additional sites in the United States but International as well. We are a privately held corporation headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.