Clinical Trials

The MET-TEST CPET network is capable of functioning as a platform to carry out clinical trials for pharmaceutical and medical device companies looking to collect efficacy data for treatment of ischemic heart disease, heart failure, pulmonary ventilation and pulmonary circulation abnormalities. Our core expertise lies in our ability to conduct complex cross-over studies in patients acting as their own controls. When compared to placebo, the efficacy of the study product is assessed. When compared to other products in the same class, comparative effectiveness data is attained. Direct head-to-head comparison is one of the best ways to prove efficacy over a competitor.

As an academic and contract research organization (ARO & CRO), MET-TEST can assist with:

    1. Strategic advice regarding product impact and practicality

    2. Utility of our services to fulfill your needs

    3. Trial design

    4. Site identification and enrollment

    5. Data collection and management

    6. Publication of results through our network of respected academic centers of excellence in the field of cardiopulmonary exercise testing

Our current focus is on phase III and phase IV post-approval trials. Different aspects of our service include biostatistics, obtaining IRB approval, event and safety monitoring, data management and project management with our dedicated research associates. We will identify and organize the recruiting sites for each study to ensure timely delivery of results. The trials will be multi-center and in many cases multi-national to ensure robust results. All aspects of each trial will be closely monitored centrally. Most, if not all documentation will be in electronic format. Our intention is to collect high quality data with integrity utilizing processes that are transparent, well documented and open for review by regulatory agencies.

In order to preserve public trust in scientific results, data analysis and it's significance is carried out by outside academic centers that independently examine and qualify the integrity of data collected. These centers are well respected with significant authority in the cardiovascular and pulmonary fields (such as UCLA and Harvard). We will assure that the recruiting sites as well as the academic centers have no conflict of interest issues in the trials that they will be involved with.

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