By definition, patients with deconditioning have poor cardiovascular fitness without evidence of significant cardiac or pulmonary impairment. They have a slightly decreased peak cardiac output due to lack of exercise.

This is demonstrated on CPET as:

    1. Mildly reduced peak O2 uptake (peak VO2 = 70-85% of predicted)
    2. Normal or slightly reduced anaerobic threshold (AT)
    3. Normal or slightly reduced peak O2-pulse (stroke volume)
    4. Normal or slightly reduced peak HR
    5. Unremarkable pulmonary parameters (normal gas exchange and adequate breathing reserve at peak exercise)

Exercise improves the stroke volume and heart rate response during exercise which improves the diminished peak cardiac output and returns peak VO2 back to normal levels. Increasing peak VO2 allows patients to feel better along with a better prognosis.

MET-TEST will generate a safe exercise prescription for each patient to determine the exercise levels that will allow each individual to exercise safely. Serial testing will enable the clinician to track improvements in cardiovascular and fitness levels over time to help ensure that patients are headed in the right direction.

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